With Great Popularity Comes Great Laziness

For months now, I’ve been noticing a trend in a few of the blogs I follow.  Namely, many of the ones that get popular…start to suck.  I like to think that I am semi-picky about the blogs I follow in Google Reader – after all, I don’t want just any ol’ garbage cluttering up my news.  The problem comes when I go down my list of subscribed blogs and start using the “Mark All as Read” button too much.  That tells me something.

Now listen, I’m a young, very inexperienced blogger.  My blog’s just not that popular.  Sure, I’ve had the site for about 2 years now, but that doesn’t really mean anything – time hasn’t exactly equaled success.  For the most part, I’m fine with it – I have a lot of fun with it regardless of the user base.  In those times I get a little disheartened, the string of failures and eventually successes of President Abraham Lincoln keeps me going.

But I digress.  The point is, I do this because I love it.  I like the internet, technology, web, programming, cool logo’s and good design.  I like to write about it.  I like to make it look (somewhat) good.  I like to learn everyday by messing up and restarting.  Most importantly, I like to share knowledge and good information with people.  Isn’t that the whole point of a blog?

The fact of the matter is that a lot of bloggers get successful and their quality not only starts to diminish, it gets forgotten in Twitter follower numbers, FeedBurner stats, etc.  Great weekly content, electronic reviews, and tech tips gets replaced by bi-monthly video game screenshots, detailed analysis of recent grocery store trips, and poorly asked, open-ended questions for followers to answer.  Purge your reader of this crap!

And I’m sick of it.  As bloggers, our charge should be to enrich the content on the web.  Make it better, pass along information, and form a community with those likeminded.  Don’t have time to post as much as you did before?  That’s fine!  Take your time – write, revise, and pick apart your work so that when you do post, it will be good quality content.

You should be proud of every post on your blog.  Form a personality – be funny, be quirky, be grouchy.  Make the blog your own – but keep up the quality.  Always post as if you’re trying to win over readers (because you are) – not as if you have them trapped.

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