Why Norton Internet Security/AntiVirus TICKS ME OFF

Ok, so I cannot stand Norton software anymore. The thing is, the software itself isn’t that bad, though it is extremely annoying. The problem I have is with the difficulty and downright deception of the product.

So first, I decided to let Norton run for the free 60 days after getting my new laptop. The next day, Norton informed me (with a dialog box in the middle of the window I was working on), that it needed an update installed. I decided not to install at the moment, since I was, after all, in the mid of something.

So what did Norton do after I clicked “Do Not Install”? It said that it was closing, and after a few minutes, informed me that the update was installed and that I needed to now reboot my computer. What?! Why would I trust you to protect me from viruses? I guess the idea is that I can’t protect myself from you, so I should pay you to protect me from people like you. I’m confused already.

Ok, so obviously, I wanted this thing off my computer. Should be easy, right? Wrong. So I went to “Uninstall Norton”. But wait…apparently I have a browser window open, so I am unable to uninstall. Hmmm. So I then have to close my browser and re-open Norton Uninstaller, then wait 5 minutes for the software to completely uninstall from the system. Wait…no…there’s still a Norton file in my Start menu! In 5 minutes, you can’t uninstall a DEMO version of a product, and maybe remove the folder from my computer? Or is this because I haven’t restarted Windows, and may therefore encounter “errors”. Errors in what? Obviously, I’m not going to try and run your “Anti-Virus” software after I UN-INSTALLED it!

So my advice: get FireFox, don’t open email attachments from people you don’t know, and forget about this so-called “Internet Security”.

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