Ubuntu Portable Review – @pubcrawlercom

In response to a tweet of mine yesterday, @pubcrawlercom sent me a live twitter review while he installed and ran Ubuntu Portable. With his permission, I’ve reposted his thoughts here.

From what he has said, I think I’ll try it – as soon as I boot up Vista again, that is. It might be a while (or at least until I need to sync my iPod next. For some reason, Banshee doesn’t work with the Classic and Wine won’t configure with iTunes 8 correctly).

read one tweet that it crashed for someone under XP. Extracting to disk now. this machine only has 512MB RAM 🙁 might be issue…

decompressed portable ubtun is around 2GB… moving it around and rebooting fresh XP loadup to test it.

my tweetreview of ubuntu portable starts now 🙂 as I go

bunch of random errors on bootup in text shell window ran from.

updates last ran 200+ days ago – 177 updates downloadable… 118.3 MB

screen video refreshes slow at times – like when asks for root pwd for updates. dreadfully slow

ubuntu update downloads seem slow to download – often can be 🙂 whos knows… not my bandwidth here.

network stuff works fine, but ping doesn’t for external IPs… unsure why…

firefox loads and runs much faster than in XP on same machine.

still downloading updates for ubuntu portable… computer paging memory to disk.. but that’s my fault.. tweetdeck pigging out on RAM

portable ubuntu finally finished downloading the updates. now the wait for them to install. always the 1st things I do in order 😉

ubuntu portable crashed during excessive paging on XP. trying again – that was my fault. all well after restarting it 🙂

running near out of RAM 🙂 but portable Ubuntu works on 512MB XP system.

Portable Ubuntu would be nicer say with Portable Crunchbang Ubuntu version less resource use

Loaded up Rythmbox and streaming music plays fine in Ubuntu Portable 🙂

Software sources in Ubuntu Portable set to Argentina. Change to your local country.

hey try Ubuntu Portable. worked well for me. Haven’t tested everything, but it looks good. certainly will need more polish 🙂

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