Tomboy Notes


I have started taking my computer with me to my Economics class every Tuesday and Thursday.  To be honest, I’ve wanted to do this since the beginning of the year, but the fact that my fan was often forced to spin up at high rates (creating loud noises), and the fact that neither [tag]OpenOffice[/tag] nor Notepad, while both valuable tools, provide much in the way of simple note-taking.

Again, [tag]Ubuntu[/tag] solved the problem.  Or at least, something that runs on Ubuntu.  Namely, [tag]Tomboy Notes[/tag].  Weird name, I know.

First off, I can now take my computer without fear of overheating or loud fan noises.  On the average day, sitting in class with 4 desktops, window manager and Tomboy Notes open, a mere 2% of the processor is in use.  The machine is super quiet and super smooth.

Tomboy Notes, however, is my main interest.  It’s awesome.  Not only can I manage notes easily into different [tag]notebooks[/tag], but it saves automatically while you type, you can use keyboard shortcuts to easily highlight text, bold, underline, strikethrough, etc, you can easily create bulleted lists, and (best of all) you can link notes back and forth between each other.

For example, I have a notebook for my Econ 224 class.  In that, I have a note that acts as a table of contents, linking each note in an outline.  When I go to class, I simply type the title into the outline, click CTRL + L, and I have a new note with that title.

Check out the screenshots below.  And what’s better, I don’t have to include a download link because Ubuntu manages all installs from the Add/Remove.  You should also already have this in your default install, though if you haven’t started using it, I would highly suggest it.



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