To Do, To Do…So Much To Do

I’m a big fan of Patrick McManus.  For those who don’t know, he’s an outdoor humorist who has written several books – all of which are hilarious and I highly recommend.  Anyway, one of my favorite stories of his is called “Worry Box”.  In it, he explains how we all have an worry box that remains constantly occupied.  When a worry is removed, one immediately replaces it, meaning there are a never-ending supply of worries for everyone’s box.

I have a similar theory about to-do’s.  My mental list remains constantly full.  The past year has been amazing.  I’ve started to sell art somewhat successfully around the city, which has always been a dream of mine.  I passed Calculus 2, landed an amazing new internship, a story about a past relationship of mine was made into a verse of a song on a pretty successful local hip-hop album, I got a dog and I got a stellar girlfriend.  Not a bad year.  YET, I’ve accomplished very little in terms of this site.

And for that, I apologize.  I still love to blog, but it seems like it gets so easily lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  However, I have not stopped blogging.  I still try to put out at least one post every few weeks, and I have lots I want to work on in terms of the site’s organization.

This leads me to 2 things.  First, subject matter.  Since this site started in 2006ish, I have maintained that it is a tech-related blog – and specifically it will remain devoid of any and all political discussions and references.  All that said, one of the reasons I don’t blog as often is that I am trying to increase the quality of posts.  If you look at the archives, you’ll see that I used to blog quite frequently, though many entries would be short and, in a few cases, extremely pointless.  I don’t like that.  As a result, I’m contemplating trying to migrate this blog to a more wide-reaching selection of topics.  The quality would (hopefully) remain the same, and chances are many of them would still be tech-related.  However, it would allow me the opportunity to discuss more things that are of interest to me and readers.

Secondly, the domain.  No doubt you’ve noticed that the header image and title has changed, and that redirects to  I’m still at odds of what to do about this.  On the one hand, I want to keep, as it was the first domain I ever bought and the only reason I know any HTML or CSS.  However, the name does not describe what the blog is.  I had contemplated using to contain information about the different projects I’m working on (Joupes,, RyboMedia, PalmettoGraffiti, etc), but since I’m a terrible decision maker I’m still torn.

Lastly, the design.  This site has gone through 5 major design changes through the years.  Essentially, as I became a slightly better designer, I would re-make the site.  As it is, and although it’s somewhat simple, I’m proud of the site.  There are a few tweaks I would like to add in the near future that would make things more visually appealing, and I would like to optimize it to be more search-engine friendly.

So, I’ll ask you, the reader, what you think of all this.  Leave me a comment with your two cents and I’ll see what I can do to host another giveaway soon.

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