Tips to Web-Designers & a request to KompoZer

So, I’ve recently been re-designing the site, both the blog portion in WordPress, and the normal site in KompoZer.  While both of these tools have been instrumental in designing cool, user-friendly features, I have one problem.  After spending several hours coding, drawing, and writing for the release of RyboMedia 2.0, I published the site.  And it looked great…well, at least it did on my browser, FireFox.

I did not take into account the fact that Internet Explorer reads tables and layouts differently than FireFox.  So when I checked the site later on IE 6, I was alarmed to see that the tables were misconstrued, and that my WordPress banner was not transparent, though the .PNG file was.

So, quickly, I just wanted to remind all web-designers to test your sites on multiple browsers before release, and to suggest that everyone get FireFox.   Also, if anyone from Mozilla, or anyone interesting in making some sort of plug-in for FireFox or KompoZer, is reading, I have an idea.  What about incorporating a preview of how the site will look in multiple browsers, say, IE, FireFox, Opera, and Safari?  That way, without opening any actual browsers, we can be assure that the layout will stay consistent.

Any way, just thought I’d alert and suggest…

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