The Office: Season 4

That’s right! Season 4 of one of America’s favorite shows is on DVD! OK, well, this comes a bit late since it was released in September 2008. However, since I’ve just started the video section of the blog, I thought I would begin with one of my favorites.

Season 4 is, in my opinion, a reassurance that all is well in Scranton, PA. I felt that Season 3 was off in places, with the constant movement, overwhelming drama between Jim and Pam, and the increase in the emotional appeal to Dwight and Michael. However, I think Season 4 settles down and returns to the good ol’ days in the office. Jim’s opening cold-opening pranks on Dwight are back and better than ever, and the new Scranton branch employee Andy seems to blend right in with the office quirkiness.

All in all, Season 4 is a hit. I find myself popping in the discs when I’m bored, need background noise, or just plain laughs. My favorite episodes are Survivor Man, Branch Wars, Chair Model, and Goodbye Toby.


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