Technology Invades the Stands

As we continue to see the progression of [tag]technology[/tag] creeping into every aspect of our lives, major [tag]sports[/tag] stadiums have introduced a way to stop unruly fans from ruining the game for everyone else around. That’s right, you can now [tag]text message[/tag] the stadium to have annoying fans removed.

For those who get [tag]ESPN[/tag] the Mag, you may have seen the recent Rick Reilly’s piece about this on the last page. The story was also reported by [tag]CNET[/tag]. So far, all but 3 [tag]NFL[/tag] teams have this service, though the remaining will most likely adopt it soon. It has proven highly effective, and according to Scott Meyers of [tag]InStadiumSolutions[/tag] (who puts out the service), only 5% are joke texts.

So next time you’re at the stadium, and you can’t see the field because of the 350 pound main yelling obscenities and screaming, you know what to do.

Check it out at CNET

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