Strange But Awesome: Google Maps Monopoly

Starting tomorrow, Monopoly will expand its vast collection of game variations to its biggest “board” yet – Google Maps. That’s right, as of September 9th, you can play Monopoly on Google Maps.


While all the details are still fuzzy, as of this post the game is set to release around 1pm EST. What we do know is that this will be a full out Monopoly game – except that you could, in theory, purchase the street you actually live on! If my understanding is correct, almost all streets and places on Google Maps will be “playable” in the game. You can build houses, charge rent, and even test your luck with the famous Chance cards.

Be sure to check out the official blog for more details and game rules, and definitely keep checking the website tomorrow for the official release.  Another fine move by Google to think out of the box, uniting a classic game with the web service we have grown dependant upon.

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