Startlike – “Your passion. Your startpage.”

Before I officially start this post, I want to make a few things very clear.  First, I am a big fan of Startlike.  Since they are based in Columbia, SC, I feel like it’s necessary to also say that it has nothing to do with their location (or the recent BigPrize project!).  Basically, I just want you to know that this isn’t a suck-up post (though I would never say no to a t-shirt).

So what is Startlike, and why do I like it so much?  It’s pretty simple.  Startlike is a customized homepage, featuring a daily photo from the category of your choice.  Essentially, it gives you a great looking homepage with a Google search bar, news, customized and quick links to your email and Facebook.  You can choose your favorite category from Exotic Escapes, Golf, Hunting and Fishing, SCUBA Diving, Skiing, Space and Astronomy, and The Great Outdoors.  After selecting one of these, you’ll see a different image from that category each day.  You can also link your Starlike page to Facebook to get a more personalized experience and share images easily.

OK, so why does Startlike fit me so well?  Well, it’s simple.  Usually, when I start Firefox, I have a few shortcuts that I immediately open in tabs (I find it easier than starting each in a tab, as this slows FF on startup).  Coincidentally (or not?) enough, they are Gmail, Facebook, and my Google web suite – Reader, Calendar, Analytics, and usually the search page.  With Startlike, I get all this (thanks to my quick links), as well as customized news and, most importantly, the daily picture.

Now, I’m a little different than most computer geeks.  I love love love love love pictures of nature, natural phenomena, and golf courses.  As a college kid who spends way too much money to play horribly on the course, I like to soak up the beauty of the different courses when I play.  Every desktop (work, home, school) I have is complete with either a majestic ice mountain, a great looking beach, or a fresh, dew-dropped golf course.  Now my homepage has a different one each day!

Anyway, even if you are a web hermit, you owe it to yourself to use Startlike.  If nothing else, your white start page will be replaced by a gorgeous picture from something that interests you.  So get started.  Now.

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