Speed Up WordPress Blogging with HTML

If you’re familiar with WordPress, chances are you know there are two options when writing posts – Visual and HTML. Using the Visual editor gives you more options for look and feel – alignment, colors, spell-check, etc. HTML is a very basic editor and only allows a few HTML shortcut buttons – bold, link, etc.

While using the Visual editor will allow you to use more of a WYSIWYG interface, learning a few HTML tags can save you quite a bit of time, allow you exact customization that Visual sometimes can’t offer, and speed up your input text.

Learning a few tags can make blogging quicker. For example, when you want to insert a link while in Visual editor, you must click a button, then wait for a Lightbox window to open up, giving you input text options for link address, name, etc. It also allows you to choose if your link opens in the same window or new tab/window. The problem comes when you have 10 links in one post. Opening the menu and filling out these options can take a long time. Why not instead, just learn to insert a link with HTML?

<a href="http://www.example.com" target="_blank">Example Link</a>

Example Link

Adding the target="_blank" forces the link to be opened in a new window. See how much quicker that is?

Here are a few more simple HTML tags for WordPress blogging:



So, since each of these HTML tags are already in blockquotes, this looks a bit odd. Hopefully you get the point.

Inserting Images

<img src="http://rybomedia.com/marly.jpg" />

Unordered List

<ul>Item One</ul><ul>Item Two</ul>

    Item One
    Item Two

Ordered List

<ol>Item One</ol><ol>Item Two</ol>

    Item One
    Item Two

List Items

<li>Item One</li><li>Item Two</li>

  • Item One
  • Item Two
  • Heading 1

    <h1>Heading 1</h1>

    Heading 1


    <b>This is bold text!</b>

    This is bold text!


    <i>This is italicized text!</i>

    This is italicized text!


    <p align="center">Center Text</p>

    Center Text

    <p align="left">Left Text</p>

    Left Text

    <p align="right">Right Text</p>

    Right Text

    <p align="justify">lots of texts</p>

    Justified Text – You can’t really tell that it’s justified unless it extends to the edges of the post box. Hopefully me explaining this will have caused it to! Note – you will also have to have text that is multiple lines so that you can tell it’s all the same length.

    Now all of that is pretty straight forward. However, it can come in really handy if you’re getting frustrated wit the Visual editor. Like any GUI-type interface, it is often easier and more efficient to type in the “basic code”. It’s sometimes easier to wrap <p align="center"></p> around the exact text you want than to try and highlight, then select menu items – especially when working with images and other media.

    For some reason, typing in the HTML box is faster than the Visual box. I’m not exactly sure why, but I’ve noticed this on several occasions. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles while you type, switch over to HTML for lighter blogging.

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