Songbird 1.0


For those of you looking for iTunes alternatives, you may want to check out Songbird (for Windows).  Chances are, you’ve never heard of it.  Though many swear by programs like WinAmp, Songbird does a fine job, and looks better in the process (in my opinion).  However, the main reason I would like to see Songbird take off is the fact that it is a “Mozilla child”.

Songbird will index your music files, pulling your library from iTunes.  As in typical Mozilla fashion, it uses tabbed (3D tabbed, to be exact) browsing to navigate through the Library, Birdhouse, Downloads, Playlists, etc.  Songbird makes use of indie download sites, as well as SkreemR, an online mp3 seach engine, though they make sure to suggest that you purchase any music you download.

There are many other features in Songbird, and there are countless others that are available through Add-ons, which is almost identical to the Firefox and Thunderbird Add-ons.

The download is just 12MB, so there’s no harm or time wasted in trying it out.  I think you’ll be impressed.

Get Songbird

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