Social Media Index – New Web Project

I’ve just “completed” my name domain site, ryanlbowen.  I put completed in quotes, because a website is really never complete.  In actuality for most designers, bloggers, and MySpace users (haha), a site is released, and then worked, reworked, broken down, rebuilt, and reworked again until it’s dying day.

Anyway, I wanted this site to be sort of an index of all my social media profiles, using RSS feeds to pull in the newest posts, links, and statuses.  I’ll follow up this post with a few cool tricks I learned along the way (how to get RSS feeds for different sites, how to optimize those feeds, why Internet Explorer is the worst, etc).  Anyway, for the meantime enjoy the site, and let me know what you think.

PS – If anyone knows how to get an RSS feed of your YouTube favorites that ONLY shows the title, please let me know.  To my knowledge, there is no simple way.  Cheers!


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