Social Bookmark Your Images with

Think of as meets Flickr meets StumbleUpon.  Essentially, it lets you bookmark images as you search the web, in a similar manner (like the name!) to

The idea of is pretty cool.  Honestly, images are about the only thing we haven’t bookmarked yet.  Sure, there are sites like Flickr and Picasa, but as far as bookmarking outside images, there isn’t a whole lot available. does a great job of opening up this idea, though it falls short in some areas.

First, as you may imagine, bookmarking images is a lot different from bookmarking whole web pages.  Thanks to a Firefox extension, you can simply right-click an image and add it to your account.  However, by default, the extension puts a button beside your URL bar – but it acts as a simple bookmark!  A side menu allows a few extra options, though, in my opinion, none warrant a separate button.

Second, once you bookmark a picture, it takes a while for to display the image, putting a blank placeholder, which detracts from a site full of colorful pictures, in the meantime.  On the whole, the main site needs work if it wishes to become a major social bookmarking center.

My last complaint is simply that the site tries to hard to be Flickr and  Almost every aspect of the site is borrowed from one of these two popular social networking behemoths.

All in all, it’s a great idea, but it needs work.  I, however, don’t speak for everyone.  If you feel differently, comment!

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