First, let me apologize for not posting quite as frequently as I did in previous weeks (the new blog, calculus, and Megan have been taking up much of my time).  SecretTweet has also been distracting me.

I twitter. Hopefully, you know this already (*cough*linksontheright*cough*), but in case you didn’t, here I am.  I don’t find it addicting like many, but I enjoy the ability to easily post funny occurances or findings, as well as keeping up with friends and family with whom I may not normally hear from.  As of a week ago, I have another reason to twitter.

SecretTweet has changed my life.  OK, this might be an exaggeration, but it has really has made a big impression on me.  Basically, SecretTweet is an anonymous website where anyone can post whatever they feel like.  Those posts are then sent through this twitter account.  Now, obviously, not all posts are sent out through twitter, but the moderators do a superb job of picking the funniest, most depressing, most intriguing, and all around most interesting.

And they are interesting.  My goodness are they interesting.  One second I will be laughing out loud at a tweet, and the next I’ll be in deep silence, stunned by something someone wrote.  They truly will make you think – about life, the nature of man…about a lot of things.

Here are a few samples of recent tweets.  Check out SecretTweet here.

I was at a friends house that I haven’t been to in a long time and I backed into someones car. I feel terrible but I needed to leave.”

the first time i delivered a baby, I forgot to clamp the cord. I still think of that kid all the time and wonder how he is.

I think I’ve found on MySpace a 15y.o. boy that maybe my son. I keep staring at his picture seeing similarities.

I really miss my Grandma, I wish I had taken the time to appreciate all that she did for me while she was still alive.

My experiences in grad school and living with international students are just making me more racist

i write unassigned papers on my free time

I cheated on my drug dealing bf with a narcotics agent

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