Save Your Boot with SuperGrub Disk

super grub disk

I have had my share of Ubuntu troubles over the last 72 hours. From wi-fi to nvidia drivers to boot loading problems, I’ve been a tad stressed. My biggest issue came when I got an Error 17! message when Grub 1.5 was starting.

For the first few hours, I freaked out, trying to boot something…anything!  Linux live cd’s were no option for some reason, and so I ended up having to boot to my external hard drive, on which I recently installed Ubuntu.  Upon doing this, I was able to mount both partitions of my internal drive.  Confusing, I know.

To put it simply, in the end I found something called SuperGrub Disk.  Thank goodness, or I wouldn’t be typing this.  This little disk allows you to mess with the master boot record in an easy and safe way.  It also allowed me to boot into Vista, where I was able to repair the bad partition.  Voila!  I have my computer back.

SuperGrub Disk

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