Review: Star Wars Trilogy


Just a quick post to let everyone know how important it is to own your own copy of the Star Wars Trilogy.  Mine just came in today.  Instead of paying $40 for a new set at Wal Mart, I went on Amazon and found a set in very good condition for $20.

Turns out, they are barely used, excellent condition.  Thanks, barbarasbooksforyou.  Check out the Widescreen version (that’s the one I got) below.

So far I have been impressed with the remastered version.  True, some scenes are a little unrealistic, like when Luke chops off the hand of the Wampa who captures him in the beginning of episode V.  However, overall, it’s excellent video quality, and maintains the original feel.  Every scene reminds me of why I am such a big Star Wars fan, and why the movies played such a big part in my childhood.

Well, time for me to go.  My cousin Brandon and I are in the middle of a heated battle scene, and getting excited to play Battlefront afterwards, one of the only video games I like.

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