Review: Skullcandy INK’D Earbuds

I have been looking for a decent pair of earbuds ever since my JVC Marshmallow tips started to harden due to months of use. They were good headphones, and they blocked outside noise for the most part, but after extended use they could become uncomfortable and rough, making it difficult to find a good fit for your ears. I decided that I wanted a pair that had rubber tips so they would not wear out as fast.

After searching Amazon and reading reviews, I was trying to decide between a few different pair of high-end headphones, namely the V-MODA Bass Freqs, V-MODA Vibe Duo, and the Bose Triport In-Ear. That night, however, I went out to the store and found a pair of Skullcandy INK’D earphones on clearance for $10.

Generally speaking, I think that price reflects the quality and ability of a product (save software), and so I didn’t think much about them initially. I had, however, read outstanding reviews about them and so I decided that, for ten bucks, they were worth a shot.

So far, I LOVE them. Skullcandy is still making a name for themselves in the audio market, but they are doing a great job so far. The headphones look really cool, they’re very affordable, and they are comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

In terms of sound quality, no other headphones I have listened to so far can match these. After putting them in, I immediately heard the clear, thumping bass to T.I.’s “No Matter What”. Listening to audio books is a pleasure, and I am often able to leave the volume almost completely down while hearing perfectly.

All in all, I’ve been very happy so far and I plan to stick with these for the time being. Good job, Skullcandy.

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