Review: Samsung t819

As you will soon find out, I conduct periodic reviews on software and gadgets that I acquire. As I am low on cash, resources, and influence, this is not very often. Recently, however, T-Mobile bought out SunCom, and I was due for a phone upgrade. Naturally, I wanted the HTC Dream, or G1, with Android, but I neither have $200 spare dollars, nor do I think the G1 is quite ready.

So I got the Samsung t819.  I have never owned a Samsung phone, but I have heard relatively good things about them.  This phone is a “slider” phone with a 1.3 mega pixel camera, 30MB internal memory, and exansion for a micro-SD card.

If I had paid money for this phone, I would almost certainly be more harsh in my reviews.  However, I got it for free, and so I can’t say that I am altogether dissapointed.  In fact, the phone has been quite good, despite a few odd features and non-features.

Here is an example of a picture taken with the phone’s camera.

What I Like:

  • Micro-SD Expansion – I bought a 2GB Micro-SD card for the phone, which gives me ample room for pictures, music, and videos.
  • Large display – the display is 176 x 220 pixels, and the colors look great.  Compared to other phones I have had (Motorola Razr V3, Motorola L2, Nokia 6030, Palm Treo), I would say that this phone is perhaps the best in direct sunlight.
  • Small size – When closed, the phone is only about 3″ x 1.5″, only a little bigger than a closed Razr.
  • 1.3 MegaPixel camera – This camera is different than many slider phone cameras because it is located on the back of the bottom layer of the phone, which means that you can take pictures without opening the phone.
  • Music Player – The mp3 player on the phone is very nice, with visual effects, good playback, etc.

What I Don’t Like:

  • Samsung menu – The menu on this phone is not customizable by way of colors or order of appearance.  The phone does not try to show off the great display, as the menu colors are all dark greys and blacks, with the exception of the pink highlighted items.  The pink is also mandatory and cannot be changed.
  • Phone Memory – The phone’s internal memory is a generous 30MB, but you are limited in what you can do with it.  For example, I am a big text messager, and I generally send/receive more than 50 texts per day.  With the t819, they store automatically to your SIM card, and there is no way to change this.  After the 30 messages, the “full” icon appears, even though you can keep receiving and storing to the phone.  After 200 texts, however, the phone memory is also full.  To me, this doesn’t make sense.  I bought a 2GB memory card so that I could store texts.  However, the phone does not allow this, nor does it have an auto cleanup funtion.
  • Call quality – Ok at best, but most calls sound muffled.

All in all, I am still satisfied with the phone.  I will update this post if I have any major problems later on.

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