Review: ABC Media Player

Like all major TV networks, ABC has long had a media player to play back episodes of popular shows.  Recently, however, they have released a new player, which, for Firefox users at least, requires a plug-in called “Move Media Player”.

This new player is seemingly revolutionary in watching online video.  In fact, in my recent viewing of old Scrubs episodes, I felt incredibly refreshed not having to pause and let the video buffer every few minutes, as I often have to do with NBC’s player and with HULU.

I have not researched this “Move” player extensively, but it seems that the video is immediately loaded in sections, divided by commercials.  Not once have I had to pause the video to let it buffer, and I have watched several hours of video.

The only complaint I would have is that the video quality, at least for the old episodes I watched, was nothing spectacular.  “The Office” looks much better on the NBC player, though that may be the fact that they are new episodes, etc.

All in all, this new player is the reason why series television shows are beginning to, and will continue to become online-viewed.

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