Portable USB (or iPod!) Apps

Ok, so before I start, I’m going to go ahead and give thanks to LifeHacker, and especially Adam Pash for this one.  His article can be found here on the “Self-Sustaining iPod”.

For anyone who uses multiple computers per day, or even per week, running applications and saving data to your iPod can be very useful.  First, it gives you comfort with any computer you’re on, because instead of using their outdated (or, sadly, very updated) Internet Explorer, you can use your own customized Firefox with your own plugins, etc.  Also, you don’t have to worry about not having the tools you need installed on the specific computer, because you can carry them all around with you wherever you go.

Also, the iPod acts as a flash drive, and since you most likely haven’t filled up your entire device, the storage capacity can be huge.  So, essentially, your iPod serves as a complete computer and mp3 player throughout the day.

Right now, in fact, I am writing this on a Firefox window that is running from a folder on my iPod hard disk, and I was able to use GIMP to create a quick wallpaper for my account here at the university.

To get tons of free, portable apps that you can run from your iPod, check out PortableApps.  You might also find this interesting about how to run Skype from your player (Thanks again to Adam Pash, Lifehacker, and MakeZine).

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