Password Security

I was recently informed by one of my professors just how insecure the password system is for the national voting machines.  You can read the entire paper by Professor Duncan Buell right here.

Apparently, there is a set of three passwords, each of them three characters long, that stand between the user and administrator access to the machine.  It gets even more ridiculously simple, but the point is – it’s not secure.  At all.

Essentially, setting up a GMAIL account would be more secure.

This entry is short and not very insightful, but I hope the warning will prove useful.  I’m positive that in your day to day life, you use several passwords to access private information:  email, facebook, personal computer, school computer, online banking, etc.  Please, please, please make these passwords complex, consisting of letters (both capitalized and non-capitalized), and numbers.

If you have trouble creating passwords, use tips like these or free generators like this one.  If you have trouble remembering passwords, use a protected manager like this.

A novice hacker can generally hack into a “secure” Windows machine with a Knoppix cd and some time, and so passwords are obviously not all there is to having a secure tech life.  However, by protecting your online accounts, you can save a lot of frustration, embarrasment, and MONEY.

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