Next Up for Twitter – Group Lists?

By now, you’ve seen the new Facebook chat.  As was expected, you can now choose to whom you want to appear online by creating friend lists.  For example, you may choose to have a “School” list, a “Work” list, and a “Family” list.

It seems as though this is the one major thing Twitter is missing.  TweetDeck has noticed this, and has the ability to sort tweets based on friend lists.  However, with all the changes Twitter recently made (the rotating twitter dictionary, search bar, and “trending topics”, for example), we still haven’t seen a way to organize friends.

Let’s face it – I follow 189 people (which isn’t really that many).  A lot of those (friends, family, and those few “closer” internet buds) don’t tweet that much, but I would still like to read their posts.  There are also a few NBA players I follow (I’m a HUGE NBA fan), and I would like to read all of their tweets, though I don’t see many of them due to frequency of some of the people I follow.  I don’t have the time to look them all up (another great idea – search within your friends) and read their profile pages, and I refuse to have my phone buzz all day with Twitter updates.

So, what do you think?  Would Twitter benefit from group lists?

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