Mobile Web

Two days ago, I checked the T-Mobile website (since SunCom was recently bought out) and saw that unlimited mobile internet was only $5.99/month.  Naturally, I immediately signed up.  I was told that it could take 2-48 hours for T-Mobile Web to begin working, which confused me, but not a big deal.

When it finally began working (on my way home from the Carolina vs Arkansas game – don’t worry, I was a passenger), it had been about 7 hours.

So far, these are my thoughts.  It’s a handy service to have, because I can now check my Facebook, GMAIL, and ESPN Fantasy Basketball team while riding the bus to class.  This sounds cheesy, but it really cuts down on time (and distraction time) when I get to my computer and need to do work. 

It is mobile web, however, and it has it’s drawbacks.  So far, I’ve been using soley sites formatted for mobile devices, although I have checked a few blogs of friends of mine.  It seems that Blogspot automatically formats just the text entries for the phone, which makes it really convenient.  Wordpress, however, does not. 

The connection and speeds aren’t fantastic, but for a slider cell phone (note: NOT a smartphone), I can’t complain.  I get almost instant access to scores, news, email, and Facebook from anywhere I can get a cell phone signal.  Plus, it’s all less than half of my monthly texting bill.


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