Mobile Twitter (It’s Better Than You Think)

Until recently, I’ve used SMS (text messaging) for updating my Twitter while out and about, and then I’d use either or TweetDeck to read, respond, and update while at home. The problem, however, was that I’d miss out on lots of tweets – which isn’t a big deal (I’m not interested in reading everything) except in times when I really need a quick response, game score, etc.

Enter TwitterBerry, “the” Blackberry Twitter client. It’s free, works great, and is customizable in terms of data connection and syncing. Basically, you have several different screens you can rotate through (Your Timeline, Friends Timeline, Update, etc). It’s easy to favorite and reply to tweets, as well as direct message your friends.

Now, you may think that you don’t want another application that is constantly connecting, depleting your battery juice, and alerting you every 5 seconds. TwitterBerry is very customizable, it only connects when you have it set to, and it has its own sound preferences so you don’t have to get notified every time you get more tweets.

I’ve really enjoyed using it so far. I don’t have cable, and I’ve been doing lots of stuff with family or friends while the NBA Playoffs have been on (I’m a HUGE NBA fan). However, I’ve been able to keep constantly updated live through TwitterBerry with scores, big plays, and commentary by other loyal fans.


Also, quick shoutout to @KateSpaeder, @TheNoLookPass, and @lakersnation for keeping me updated on my Lakers throughout the playoffs in times when I haven’t had a TV.

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