MadBeetle HomeScreen Builder

As you well know, I recently got a Samsung BlackJack running Windows Mobile 5.  I have been unbelievably pleased with the phone, though I was a tad disappointed in the lack of themes included.  Last night, I stumbled upon a nifty piece of software called, appropriately enough, HomeScreen Builder.

This program allows you to build your own customized themes for Windows Mobile 5 & 6 smartphones.  It is very easy to use, and only requires you to enable and drag plugins into your desired location, editing colors, size, etc as you go.  You may then add a background to your project and create a .CAB file to install easily on your phone.

Please note, however, that if you are having trouble enabling your theme, HomeScreen Builder often gets confused when you add a background in the .CAB file.  I have found it is easier to create a wallpaper-less theme, install the .CAB file onto your phone, leaving you with a .XML file (this will look something like “ryan.home” when in your \ApplicationData\Home folder).  Then, place a copy of your desired background image in the \ApplicationData\Home folder and edit the .XML file (can be done in Notepad, Notepad++, etc) to say:

<background bgimage=”\Application Data\Home\IMAGE.jpg” bgimage-rotated=”IMAGE.jpg” valign=”top” bgcolor=”#000000″ />

This simply tells the theme that the image you want to use is located in the \Application Data\Home folder.  The phone then takes the colors you selected in the HomeScreen Builder and uses those throughout the phone’s menu screens.

I will be posting some free themes I created shortly.  If you have any requests, this seems to tedious, or if you don’t want to bother with the .XML and .CAB files, send me an email or just comment on this post.

Download – MadBeetle HomeScreen Builder (Free)

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