iTunes cannot read the contents of “Ryan’s iPod” WHAT?!

You can imagine my shock and anger when I plugged up my iPod, only to find that iTunes “could not read it”.   I was told that I needed to restore my iPod to factory settings, thus erasing ALL of my 40G of music, videos, photos, and games.  Needless to say, I was a little, to borrow a British expression, “cheesed off”.

Since my iPod is enabled for disk-mode (which I strongly suggest, and you’ll see why in a minute), I opened My Computer and saw “Ryan’s iPod” under “Devices with Removable Storage”.  I opened the folder, and there were all of the iPod folders, in perfect (it seemed) condition.  The weird thing was that when I turned my iPod on, I could see cover art scrolling in the side bar, and it showed my 38.4G of storage that had been used in the Settings tab.  When I would go to play an artist, however, it said that there were no artists, songs, or albums on the device.

To make a long story short, I was forced to back up ALL of my music and videos to my computer, reset my iPod, and then put them all back on again.  As I had almost 40G of stuff, this took several hours to accomplish.  Apple could not, however, make this process remotely simple.

After googling my problem, I found that the music is in a hidden folder in the “Ipod Control” folder.  After accessing this, however, you are faced with 40 separate folders, each containing numerous songs and videos, though few are actually labeled with their appropriate names, and the few that happen to be are all jumbled together.   So, I had to open 40 separate folders and copy every song into a main folder on my desktop.  Over 3,000 songs, split up into separate folders, with names like “XYAB.mp3”.

Oh no, the process isn’t over yet!  After trying several ways, i found that the only way to put the music back on my iPod was to import it all back into iTunes, (which took close to an hour, since iTunes also had to search for the cover art) and copy it from there to the iPod.  This also took over an hour.  Finally, I had my original iPod.

That night, I went out and bought a 320G external hard drive for about $100 to back up my music.  It’s just not worth the time, stress, and effort to go through that again.  But you can be assured that if it happens again, Apple will be experiencing it all with me, as an involuntary passenger on my trip of loss and anger.

So I had my iPod.  Well, sort of.  All of my games, notes, and pictures still weren’t replaced, and some cover art from lesser known bands was missing, but it was a lot better than nothing.  I still, however, am a little ticked at Apple.  I received this iPod for Christmas this past year – scarcely 6 months ago!  Is this why I spend $250 on your product, for it to cause me hours of frustration, anxiousness, and anger?!

The iPod has brought me much joy, amazement, and boredom-killing fun, and some may argue that it is to be expected to have problems and bugs.  However, for something so expensive, and as an average consumer, should I have to deal with them?

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