Installing WordPress on Byethost

Thanks to [tag]DesiznTech[/tag]’s article on how to build a free website, I am retracting my statement that [tag]AgilityHoster[/tag] is my favorite free host. [tag]Byethost[/tag] is simple to use, clean, and allows more storage, [tag]database[/tag]s, and support than AgilityHoster. It’s also much, much faster.

I am currently creating my first “start from scratch” [tag]WordPress[/tag] theme for a new website I’m building. Last night, I needed to install WordPress on my new Byethost [tag]server[/tag], but I ran into difficulty. If you are faced with the same task, hopefully this tutorial will help with some of the more confusing aspects of this particular host.

First, you will need to create a new database for your install. Simply click “[tag]MySQL[/tag] Databases” from your [tag]VistaPanel[/tag] and type “wordpress” in the field “<database-name>”. Click “Create Database” and wait for the page to refresh.

Assuming you have an FTP client ([tag]Filezilla[/tag] is a great choice for Windows users), open it up. In your VistaPanel, you should see “Account Information”. This will tell you the ftp host name and user name. Your password will be the same as your password for Byethost. Type these in and connect.

Now comes the tricky part. When you connect to your server, you’ll see two folders – [tag]htdocs[/tag] and Now, Byethost tells you to upload your files to the htdocs folder. However, this is NOT the htdocs folder you are looking for. Open up and you should see another htdocs folder. Upload your WordPress folder here.

Now, if you’re using Filezilla, right click the wp-config-sample.php file and edit it. Put your database name, database user, database password, and MySQL host with your settings. These can be found on your VistaPanel sidebar.

Upload this back to the server and go to Follow the directions and your WordPress will be installed!

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