I’m Sick of Twitter.com (And You Should Be, Too)

twitter is over capacity!

Have you been getting this message recently?  If you’re a Twitter web user, chances are you have.  A lot.  “Too Many Tweets!”, a cutsy whale, and lots of frustration.  And I’ve had enough.

As you well know, Twitter has gained a lot of popularity over the last few months.  Internet marketers, pastors, web gurus, and companies are all jumping on the bandwagon of this new found social networking gem.  Except the gem has lost its shine.

First of all, Twitter spammers.  I can usually tell the quality of a follower based on their name or customized link, but I can always tell by a quick glance at their page.  To be fair, Twitter has usually been pretty good about suspending suspicious accounts, but I’m still upset everytime someone follows me who has posted only once – “Check out these sexxxy pics – date for free in your area!!!”  Really?  Facebook’s better about blocking that trash.

Secondly, the website has come to a C R  A   W    L.  Out of every, say, 5 times I log in, Twitter is over-capacity at least once, and at least one more time I’ll get a horribly rendered page.  Twitter, you are one of the social networking behemoths.  One of the top 5 social media companies on the ‘net.  Everyone from high profile bloggers to proffessional athletes to CEO’s use your site all day, everyday.  The satisfaction of these people is the only thing that keep your company alive.  This is something you need to address.

Notice, however, that I said I was sick of Twitter.com.  The website – NOT the service.  I’ve gone to using TweetDeck for 90% of my Twitter needs.  I never have trouble logging in, sending or receiving tweets, or appearance issues.  It’s lightweight, highly customizable, and stays nested in my notification area, and is constantly logged in.

So basically, if you’re sick of slow Twitter pages, check out TweetDeck.  And let the guys at Twitter know that Amazon’s got a great hosting deal.

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