Halo 3 Extreme – Teen Kills Mom, Shoots Dad

Halo 3

For years now, I have made it known that I don’t like video games.  Sure, the occasional Tiger Woods 08, Wii Sports, or Halo 2 tournament can be fun, but for the most part, I don’t see the point.  After hours and hours of staring at a screen, seemingly unconsciously pushing buttons on a controller, I feel that I have accomplished absolutely nothing.  And my head usually hurts by then as well.

This morning, however, I was looking over some Slashdot headlines I was emailed, when I saw the story of a 17 year old boy who shot both of his parents, killing his mother, when they took away his copy of Halo 3.  Unbelievable.

While I don’t think Microsoft, or Bungee (who, I believe, still makes Halo), should be charged or blamed for anything, it is sad that people, both young and old, are so hooked on these games. As Judge James Burge declared the boy guilty, he still came to his defense by saying that he did not realize that his parents would be dead forever.

Check out the articles below for the full story.




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