Google Keeps Gadgets Open Source


Here is yet another example of why I like Google so much.  While many companies would scoff at the idea of giving away code, graphics, and ideas, Google once again shows us why they are so successful.

In a recent blog post, Google explained that they intend to keep their Desktop Gadgets open source.  As always, Google shows us that you don’t have to be stingy to make money.

“Source code can be a valuable learning tool. The gadgets not only show you how to develop Desktop gadgets, integrate with Google APIs, but also provide other tidbits of knowledge such as how to calculate phases of the moon or StarDates.

The images and graphics are also Open Sourced. Being an engineer, I know how frustrating it is to work hard on an application only to have it dismissed because of hand-drawn stick figures and shapes. We hope people can take advantage of our graphic designers’ talents. If you’re a fan of clocks, I have something right up your alley.

We get warm fuzzy feelings by simply supporting the cause. It fosters a spirit of openness and collaboration between the team and developer community.”

Yet another example of why Web 2.0, as well as collaboration sites like these, as well as Wikipedia, Facebook, and others, are quickly becoming so successful.

So go ahead, dive right into Google’s code.  You can learn a lot, enjoy the scenery, and make them feel fuzzy inside.

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