Gmail RSS Feeds

I noticed something this morning when I went to check my email that I’ve never seen before.  Firefox automatically tries to detect the RSS feed for a webpage.  If it happens to find one, it places an RSS icon in the URL bar – making it easy to subscribe to pages, even if the author didn’t put an easily identifiable link.

Gmail has one of these icons in the URL bar.  Apparently, you can “subscribe” to your email – basically getting alerts each time you receive an email.  You might wonder when you would use this – especially since you don’t have to refresh the page for new emails to come in.  However, by subscribing through Live Bookmarks, then placing the bookmark on your toolbar, you can close out of Gmail – thus saving on system resources, tab space, and optimizing your browser for the ever more popular ideal – simplicity.


Subscribe to your own Gmail RSS feed.

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