Gmail – Email to Your Phone


As you well know, I got a BlackJack several months ago to replace my all but useless slider phone.  While this is not my first smartphone (I got a Treo 650 a year ago), it is most certainly the best phone I’ve ever had.  Web-surfing, full keyboard, Windows Mobile, customizable .XML homescreens, and now email delivered right to my phone!

I have known that this was an option for some time now, but I never thought that I would get it working.  In fact, I thought for a while that it was only configurable with a Microsoft Outlook Exchange Server.  I am happy to report that it is not, as this would have been not only useless to me, but a teaser of what could have been (and should have been…and, thankfully, what is).

In fact, it couldn’t have been easier.  After browsing through the menu’s earlier today (8AM, 1.25 hour classes what they are), it seemed no more difficult than setting up a Thunderbird (or Outlook) account.  However, I chose to wait instead of waste battery power connecting to the internet, only to find that I had faulty settings.

To make a long story short, Google has once again come to the rescue with not only clearly laid out instructions on setting up an IMAP4 account, but specific Windows Mobile 5 instructions!  Saweeeeet!  I am now getting email right on my phone, laid out in simple text message format.  It’s, in a word, awesome.

Below are the links to Google’s instructions for setting up an account.

Mail Clients

Mobile Devices

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