Getting to the Core of the Apple Problem

This is a rant that I had to write for an English class, but I thought it fit, so here it is.

I hate that guy.  You know exactly who i’m talking about.  Sipping his latte on a couch at Starbucks, Macbook propped on his lap, iPhone vibrating at his side, a $200 messy haircut, and an assortment of grungy, but not too grungy, clothes.  He turns to me, a smug look on his face.  Depending on which friend it is, he’ll describe some application he’s just discovered, a podcast he’s just recorded, or a website he’s just designed – all using his trusty Mac.  Without fail, in a somewhat sadistic, most definitely condescending tone, he’ll end with, “See, Apple stuff is just better.  Vista sucks.”

“You idiot!”
“I can do the same thing on my PC – running (oh my gosh!) VISTA!”
“Audacity!  KompoZer!  OpenOffice!  Picasa!  And those are FREE!”
“Don’t spill your latte!”

Ok, so I don’t actually do this.  But I want to.  My goodness do I want to.  You see, my problem isn’t even with Apple – I think they’re a fine company.  In fact, I think they understand marketing and design better than a lot of businesses – computer or otherwise.  Every year, Apple releases something so beautiful, so utterly sexy, that the whole world stops to praise them for the best invention ever made.  Bit by bit, though, Steve Jobs’ minions, either by using flashy, colorful advertising and hip young “Mac” people juxtaposed by older, plump “PC” guys or by creating Mac-praising magazines, podcasts, and websites, have created a cult.  You aren’t cool if you don’t have a Mac.  In fact, you’re somewhat of an ignorant, God-forsaken, lost puppy.  Don’t worry, kiddo, you’ll see the light – just give it time.

And guess what?  I’m not ok with that!  Why?  Because the fact of the matter is, Apple computers just AREN’T BETTER!  Numerous times I have been called technologically-ignorant, since I placed Mac on the same level (if not lower), than a PC.  Besides the fact that I am a dedicated blogger, Computer Information Systems major, and very passionate about computers, I am usually attacked relentlessly and without two-sided discussion.  Let’s look at the specs, shall we?

The basic MacBook comes with 2 gigs of memory, a 2.0GHz processor, and a 160 gigabyte hard drive – for $1,299.  The basic Sony Vaio comes with 4 gigs of memory, a 2.0GHz processor, and 320 gigabytes of space – for $839.  And it’s sexy, too.  For those who aren’t familiar with these specifications, it’s not golf – the higher the better.  So we can logically draw that, if Mrs. Floyd, my first grade teacher taught me correctly, 4 gigs is better than 2, and 320 gigs is better than 160.  So, technically, I’m paying $500 less for a more well-equipped computer.  Technically.

But Apple products just work, ya know?  Well, not mine.  I got an iPod on the assumption that their advertising was somewhat correct – spend $250 on an Apple product to insure ease of mind, usability, and so that it would “just work”.  Ever since I got it, I have had problem after problem syncing it with my iTunes in Windows.  First it won’t detect it, then the data is corrupt, then it’s working fine.  In less than a year, I have been forced to delete everything (that’s 50 gigabytes of music, videos, and games) from my iPod due to a fatal error.  Now, I don’t use third party applications and the iPod is branded to work in Vista.

When Apple released their new version of iTunes (8) several months ago, they forgot to check to see if it would work with Windows, and as a result, it crashed every Vista system.  But man, once I rebooted my computer, uninstalled it, emailed Apple, downloaded and installed the new 80mb installation file, it looked great!  Crashed my iPod two weeks later, but it looked fantastic!

To be fair, every computer has problems, and since I’m a geek, I love working on them.  With Windows, though, I can at least sound intelligent.  No talk of bouncing beach balls, jungle animals, or adding a pronoun before each application.  That’s “i” if you can’t figure it out.  iThis, iThat.  iCal, iPhoto, iPod, iTunes, iPhone.  Wanna talk about me, wanna talk about I, wanna talk about number one.  Oh my me my.

-Made On a PC-

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