Fresh Badge – Free ”Web 2.0” Badge Creator


You may notice a different look in the [tag]right sidebar[/tag].  These 4 little sticker buttons were made using [tag]FreshBadge[/tag].  Simply put, it’s a free online [tag]badge[/tag] creator where you can customize size, color, text, font, borders, shadows, gloss, etc.  It’s very easy to use and spits out badges in whatever format you desire – .png, .jpg, or .gif.

It’s a one page site, so everything is updated on the page as you click “Update/Create Badge Now”, which is nice because the page does not need to be reloaded.  FreshBadge brags that you can create great looking badges in under 1 minute, though I warn you that you will most likely spend a great deal of time getting used to the interface and controls.


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