Forgot you Windows Password? No problem!

Ok, so, let’s give you the benfit of a doubt and say that you locked yourself out of your computer, and you were the only administrator. So how do you get back in? Actually, Windows makes it simple! Why did they do this? Because they hadn’t created Vista yet, and therefore did not know that they needed to make even the simple things nearly impossible. But we will have more Microsoft jabs later. On to the computer.

  • First, you want to turn the machine off.
  • Next, boot it up and tap the F8 key while the BIOS is loading. This will take you to a DOS menu.
  • Depending on your BIOS version, you will have to scroll either up or down to select “Safe Mode”.
  • Let Windows boot. You may notice that things look really wierd. This means you have done correctly thus far.
  • When you get to the LogOn menu, type (or select, depending on your Windows version) “Administrator” and hit Enter.

That’s it! You’re in. From here, you should then go to the Control Panel, then Users, and change your personal user password. Now you can reboot the computer and use your new password on the user account you are trying to enter.

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