Forget Customization, etc – Firefox > IE

Forget safety, speed, and [tag]customization[/tag] for just a second. If you still haven’t switched to [tag]Firefox[/tag], do so based on one fact – you will see more. Don’t confuse me for a second – I am not a crazy enthusiast who thinks your eyes will be magically opened once you switch. However, you will see a lot more than you have been seeing on [tag]web[/tag] pages. Especially if you’re with [tag]IE 6[/tag].

For example, [tag]IE[/tag] users will not know that by hovering over the top navigations links on this site, there is an overline text decoration. This is supported in both Firefox and [tag]Safari[/tag]. (Try this out in either, it’s pretty neat!)

Also, while all versions of IE support [tag]JavaScript[/tag], you will notice that it takes about longer for rollover images, etc to activate. Again, take for example this site. The sticker buttons to your right have rollover images. While you can see this in IE, you will have to hover for a second or two every time you rollover.

IE also reads tables, as well as the <div> [tag]CSS[/tag] command, differently than Firefox or Safari. This will often result in content dropped below sidebars, or vice-versa. Annoying to say the least.

Apart from those reason, of course, are the amount of customization that Firefox allows. In fact, depending on your level of expertise (or not depending – but don’t do that), you can change the main code to suit your needs. [tag]Plug-ins[/tag], themes, and community involvement make the Firefox experience more enjoyable and safer than IE.

To sum it up, you should switch.

I’m Ready, Let’s Do This!

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