Facebook Adds Live Stream (Sort of)

Today, Facebook added a type of live stream to the mini-feed homepage. Now, I say “type of live stream” because it isn’t really a live stream. But it kind of is.

In fact, it’s much like the stream in Twitter search results.  While you are searching something on Twitter, anytime there are new posts, a message pops up that allows you to display all tweets containing your keywords since you started searching.  Facebook’s new addition is the same.  If you are on the homepage, and something new is posted, a message link will pop up right under your status update box that say “Show # New Post”.


To be honest, I’ve been expecting this for a long time.  For a website that has a full-featured chat service on each page, I think a live home stream is way overdue.  Again, this isn’t quite what I was hoping for, but I expect they are moving towards a complete live feed.

Either way, good steps for Facebook – and again, it looks like Twitter has been a good influence.

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