Evernote – A College Kid’s Tool

I recently discovered a neat thing called Evernote.  As the name suggests, Evernote is a note-taking tool, used to help you organize thoughts, pictures, etc, and to have them always readily available to you.

To get started with Evernote, you first download their software from here.  When you first run it, you will have to create a free online account to manage your notes on the web.  This program will allow you to type your notes, tag them, email, print, etc.  Once you’re finished writing your note, you just click “Synchronize”, and it will sync your computer’s notes to those on the ‘net.

This program has come in very handy because I don’t have to be on the internet to write a note (which beats out the current Google Docs stable version), I can organize them quickly and easily, and I can sync them at my convenience to the internet.

This way, I can keep a constantly updated to-do list with me all day.  Well, ok, so I don’t actually do that, but it sounds nice.

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