Eclipse IDE


This semester, I am in my first real programming course.  I say “real” simply because I do not consider Visual Basic particularly useful for anything – it’s Windows specific, weak, and somewhat tedious.  So far, I’m loving Java.  While the lectures are boring, the labs are really fun, and they are beginning to get really challenging as well.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I haven’t used many IDE’s before (Bloodshed++ for a little C++, Visual Studio), but I’ve grown really fond of Eclipse, which is what the university has us use.  Eclipse, just like any other IDE, is an advanced text editor, though it compiles code while you program, underlining errors and potential dangers, as well as spell-checking strings.

You can get Eclipse for Windows, Mac, or Linux (which is what I am currently running).  Ubuntu users need only perform a quick Add/Remove search to install it.  Beware, Windows users, that the splash screen, like most splash screens in Vista (and XP for that matter), can freeze up quite frequently.  Also, when test-running a program in Eclipse, be sure to terminate it once done, or several running programs will build up off screen and lead to slow system performance.


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