DIY: Un-Junk Your PC

If you’re running Windows, especially Vista, you probably have tons of junk on your PC that’s eating up precious hard drive space, and possibly RAM.  It’s best to clean out old junk and unused programs and files to free up space and keep your computer fresh.

Windows Vista introduces a nice feature that downloads all files to a specific folder.  While this keeps things more organized, and eliminates clutter from the desktop, it is easy to forget about zipped folders, old installation files, etc.

I would suggest going through the download folder every few weeks to unclutter and delete anything you don’t need anymore.  You’d be surprised at how fast files, mp3’s, movie clips, and “setup.exe” files pile up, and the result can leave you withl imited hard drive space.

Often times, however, even this does not free up enough space, and you are left wondering where all you’re precious space went.  Use a little program called “TreeSize” to scan your drives and evaluate (in a “tree-like” manner), the size of each folder on your selected drive.

TreeSize (Free) 2.2.1

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