Creating a Brand Movement – ConvergeSC #1

ConvergeSC was, in my opinion, a huge success.  Sure, some of the presentations were over my head, but they were still very interesting.  For the next few days, I’ll be posting some summaries from the many pages of notes I took throughout the day.  Thankfully, most of the speakers used lists, so summarizing will be easier.  Either way, their talks will hopefully be very helpful and informative.

To start things off, I’ll talk a little bit about the first presentation by Geno Church.  He talked about creating a brand movement (as opposed to other marketing tools like simple ads, etc).  In this type of approach, word-of-mouth is biggest determining factor for your movement.  It’s not just telling about your product, or even showing off customer testimonials – it’s about creating an entire customer base that really loves your product, site, or service.

Church used the example of Fiskar – a household name and the maker of a classic product.  However, until recently, they had no movement.  No one talked about them, though many people used their scissors everyday.  Thanks to the people at Brains on Fire, however, all that changed.  Within 20 weeks, there was a 600% increase in the number of online mentions of “Fiskar”.  Fiskateers was born, and there are currently over 5000 regular users.  All because of a movement.  Geno lists ten characteristics of movements.


  • are built on a passion for something.
  • begin with a first conversation.
  • have inspirational leadership.
  • put passion to the test (perhaps by using invitations).
  • empower people with knowledge.
  • encourage ownership.
  • have powerful identities.
  • live online and offline.
  • make advocates feel like a rockstar.

Read more about the Fiskateer project.

As you can tell, I loved ConvergeSC.  I got to meet a few really cool people, and I learned a great deal.  So, if you were there (and even if you weren’t), I’d encourage you to do just one thing – subscribe to my blog.  I mean, really – it works for both of us.  You want some mildly informative, sometimes humorous, but always sexy (you’ve read this far, why not throw that in?) posts to read.  And I want loyal readers.

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