ConvergeSC Tomorrow!


So, I’m attending my first “web conference” tomorrow.  You might remember I did a post some time ago telling about ConvergeSC and how excited I was – and now the time has finally come.  I’ve never been to anything like it before, and I don’t really know what to expect.

Oddly enough, as the time has drawn closer and closer to tomorrow, more and more connections between my friends and the speakers at the conference have been popping up.  After a recent search on Twitter for “convergesc”, I realized just how big this thing is.  People from all over the state are coming in – web designers, developers, teachers and students.  Big time web developers, companies, and bloggers will be there – and it’s all happening in one of my classroom auditoriums!  As you can tell from all the giddy small talk, I’m EXCITED.

Anyway, I’ll be tweeting (or twittering?) from the conference tomorrow, as I’m sure many people will be.  Look forward to pictures, updates, and a summary coming in a few days.

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