7S7D #7 – Chris Pirillo

So, here it is, the last entry in the 7 Sites in 7 Days campaign. To end things on a high note, I decided to save the most popular (and best, according to some standards), blog for last.

In all fairness, though, to say Chris Pirillo’s site is just a blog is to say that Wal Mart is a grocery store. Yes, it is, but it is also much, much more. However, for the purposes of this post, I will discuss only the blog portion of the site.

Chris offers just about everything that a blog and tech-enthusiast could want: live video streaming, frequent updating, a community forum, a separate Geeks! site for users, chatroom, twitter stream, this, that, and even more.

With well over 49,000 followers on twitter, Chris Pirillo is a major player in the tech community. His blog, which is updated multiple times daily, features posts on anything from Star Wars action figures to social media tools to electronic device reviews and tips. The only thing bad to say about this site is that you feel overwhelmed by all the information upon first arriving (which is a good thing, I suppose). I counted over 50 post links displayed on the front page alone. He links to all of his 39 different social media profiles in the sidebar of individual posts.

Depending on your tastes, you will either love or hate this blog. Yes, it’s constantly updated, user friendly, and very smart, but it seems almost too popular. While Chris seems like a very neat guy, it seems like there is so much material – maybe more than necessary. However, if you can handle lots and lots of content, you’ll love Chris Pirillo.


Chris Pirillo

7S7D #6 – Don’t Eat the Fruit

I have a pretty strict rule about not linking to political or religious sites on my blog. This is not because I am not religious, or not political (hmm…) – it simply because I think I can reach a wider audience by talking about good ol’ secular geek stuff.

However, I am linking to this blog, which is written by a Christian to discuss technology and its impact on humanity. Interesting, to say the least. The author, John Dyer, is multi-faceted: not only does he blog, but he codes as well. One of his recent creations is TwitterVoice3D, which displays random tweets in 3D across your screen while reading them out loud.

Another reason I choose to link to this site is because of the superior design. Dyer uses block elements with complementary (but close) colors to present a very clean, organized look. If you’re looking for an easy page to look at, deep thoughts on issues you probably haven’t thought about, and quality, well-thought posts, check out Don’t Eat the Fruit.


Don’t Eat the Fruit

7S7D #5 – Unmatched Style

Unmatched Style is a clearly defined, neatly organized web review site.  Most reviews are short (about a paragraph), but include a screenshots of the site, the review, and basic star ratings.  Unmatched Style is great in Google Reader, since it’s right to the point and includes the screenshot so you can immediatly see what they are talking about.

These guys also understand advertising.  The few blocks on the right fit into the site nicely – the look and feel remains the same, they are relevant, and the colors and design look fantastic.  It’s ironic – I just realized I’m reviewing a site that reviews site.  Funny.

Coincidentally, the other day I found out that one of the site’s contributors is in a band with one of my high school teachers (who is probably the reason I am currently blogging).  Pretty neat.  After browsing the “Meet” page on US, I also found out that at least one other contributor graduated from South Carolina (which, as you all know, I currently attend). 

Don’t worry though, I had already picked Unmatched Style as a 7S7D choice before I discovered the local connection.


Unmatched Style

7S7D #4 – Blog Design Blog

Much like Desizn Tech, Blog Design Blog is a style blog that posts tips and tricks on designing blogs – redesign, headers, footers, comments, etc.  Just like you wouldn’t want to get a tattoo from someone who doesn’t have a tattoo, or you wouldn’t want to take basketball tips from someone who can’t dribble one-handed, you wouldn’t want to take blog design tips from a blog you can’t stand to look at.  That’s why Blog Design Blog is so great – it’s probably my favorite looking site.

It’s clean, crisp, and well-organized.  It has a catchy header, a clear title, and neatly defined posts, features, navigation, and sidebar.  The colors work well together, and the rollover effects are a nice addition without distracting from the content.  With over 2,500 subscribers, BDB is obviously doing something right.

Be sure to not only check out the site, but also the author’s portfolio, risend.


Blog design Blog

7S7D #3 – Bwana

Bwana.org is, again, a blog that focuses on content over distracting visual aids. It’s got fantastic content: blog posts, podcasts, video discussion, Intense Debate, twitter updates, etc. In actuality, though, I think it’s just because Bwana seems like a cool guy. His activity on Twitter, Friendfeed, and other social networking sites certainly gives the feeling that he is always active in technology, though he posts somewhat infrequently.

Be sure to check out his sweet computer setup and his new site Stickrz, which allows users to submit information on free stickers that are available by request on the internet. A little strange, but cool.

All in all, Bwana is a very cool site, and an even cooler guy to follow. Check out his Twitter here and his Friendfeed here.



7S7D #2 – Desizn Tech

Desizn Tech is a web design blog that features design tips, tricks, and useful sites.  Their most popular posts are ones containing extensive lists, such as (one of my favorites) “25+ Web 2.0 Generators to the Rescue“.

Oddly enough, the site’s strong point is not its design.  Not at all.  In fact, the design is, in my opinion, very simplistic – and in need of a little work.  The Google search bar on the left side overlaps with the post title, and some basic elements don’t seem to be aligned as they should.

However, because of the quality and quantity of the content on the site, this a definite pick for 7S7D.  Many posts focus on cost-effective (or free) ways to design, host, and run a website using free tools.  Keep in mind that because of the nature of the posts, and the extensive research put into them, this blog might not be updated as often as others.  Still, though, it’s an excellent resource to have if you’re a web designer.


desizn tech

7S7D #1: whalesalad

This site is an excellent example of beautiful, simplistic web design.  I would not necessarily even call this a portfolio, since he links to his company site for web design information.  However, as a web designer, this is about the best one page website you can have.  It’s easy to look at, clean, crisp, and uses the contrasting simple color rollover effects to prove he can make things look good.

The only problems I have with this site is that there are no outbound links, and the Facebook link does not link to his profile.  For non-beginner users, this can be remedied with middle-click.  However, for the rest of the browsing world, it may be annoying to continually have to search back in history to find the neat looking site they were just on.