BrightKit – twitter & URL


I like everything about BrightKit. Everything. The look, the feel, the name, the colors, the features, etc. Let me explain.

I came across BrightKit while trying to do a feature on URL shrinkers (tinyURL, etc). One of my favorites is, which not only makes good use of the newly available TLD’s to shorten URL’s, but also does so in a creative manner.

Upon arriving at, you are met by a simple box to enter a URL, a button to shrink it, and a link to something called “BrightKit”. Naturally, I had to check it out.

“BrightKit is the ultimate Twitter toolbox. With BrightKit, you can manage multiple Twitter profiles, add multiple editors, pre-schedule tweets, and measure your success.”

I have two separate twitter accounts – one for me and one for the podcast. However, logging into each account can be tedious, and managers like Digsby, while very nice and easy to use, require me to start the application, connect, log-in, etc. With BrightKit, I can add a shortcut to my Firefox toolbar to quickly send tweets.

BrightKit also gives you the ability to use a thing called Hootlet. Just drag the Hootlet owl icon into your toolbar, and you can easily send tweets about web pages you find, complete with a shortened URL.

BrightKit has made my day. Hope it works for you too.


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