A Few Quick Shout-Outs

Ok, so I wanted to incorporate this information in the website (and hopefully I still will), but I thought I’d just go ahead and blog about it in the meantime.

Essentially, this is a list of things that I use on my site and server, things that I find nifty, visually appealing, or just plain cool.

Web Site Stuff

  • Godaddy – Let’s just say it – I LOVE GODADDY!  I use them to purchase all my domain names, hosting, email plans, etc.  They have fantastic customer support (and I should know, seeing how much I call them), great prices, and who doesn’t like Bob Parsons?  Well, actually, a lot of people don’t, but we don’t talk about them.
  • Linux Host – Yes, I have Linux hosting through Godaddy.  If you aren’t a Linux junkie, there’s really only one difference – you have to watch your capitilization.  With Linux servers, “atree.png” and “atree.PNG” are NOT the same thing.  Other than that, Linux allows you to run more things…plus, you can call yourself a geek.
  • Apache Server – I’m actually not this technical, but I can tell you that I run on an Apache server, and Apache is the most popular software for servers out there.
  • MySQL – I have MySQL databases on all my sites.  It allows me to run my forums, blog, etc.  The databases are easily backed up, accessed, and modified.
  • WordPress – WordPress is absolutely amazing.  I use WP as a CMS now instead of strictly for blogging purposes, though I use it for that as well.  WordPress is unbelievably customizable, user-friendly, plug-in supported, and FREE!

My Computer

  • HP Pavilion dv6000 – I recently purchased an HP laptop for school, and I am extemely satisfied.  I was able to get it for well under $700, and it has 3G RAM, 160HD, a 2.0GHz AMD TURION 64×2 processor, 3 USB ports, an SD-MS-Pro-MMC-XD memory card slot, external remote, etc.  The reviews are good, and I am very pleased.


  • Wubi – This is basically Ubuntu without the partition.  At startup, I can choose to either boot Vista or Ubuntu.  Now, admittedly, I choose Vista 95% of the time, because it’s what I’m used to.  Sue me.
  • ObjectDock – I don’t like the look of Vista, so I decided to use a Mac-styled dock.  Well, actually, I use 3 separate docks, but ObjectDock is my favorite.
  • Thunderbird – This is a very efficient email client alternative to Outlook.  The neatest thing is that I can have separate accounts all organized in one place, so my university, google, and website mail all comes to one location, separated into different folders.

These are just a few favorites.  More will follow.

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