A Few Quick Links

I thought I’d share a few quick links that I’ve recently found.

Button Maker – This is a free site that lets you customize little badges for your site. You’ve seen these before on anything from Linux sites to Mozilla products to podcast receivers. Now your site can look official and customized for free!

You can get the RyboMedia buttons here.

Some Photos of That Day – Very interesting photo blog of a man who took a picture every day from 1979 to 1997. It’s really captivating, because he apparently found out he had cancer, and cataloged his experiences and treatments.

Favicon Maker – This site lets you upload your logo’s/pictures, and allows you to download the completed favicon in a few formats. It’s a much easier alternative than trying to make a good resolution image in your photo editing software, and…it’s free!

These are just a few, and I’m sure many more are sure to follow. Enjoy.

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