7S7D #7 – Chris Pirillo

So, here it is, the last entry in the 7 Sites in 7 Days campaign. To end things on a high note, I decided to save the most popular (and best, according to some standards), blog for last.

In all fairness, though, to say Chris Pirillo’s site is just a blog is to say that Wal Mart is a grocery store. Yes, it is, but it is also much, much more. However, for the purposes of this post, I will discuss only the blog portion of the site.

Chris offers just about everything that a blog and tech-enthusiast could want: live video streaming, frequent updating, a community forum, a separate Geeks! site for users, chatroom, twitter stream, this, that, and even more.

With well over 49,000 followers on twitter, Chris Pirillo is a major player in the tech community. His blog, which is updated multiple times daily, features posts on anything from Star Wars action figures to social media tools to electronic device reviews and tips. The only thing bad to say about this site is that you feel overwhelmed by all the information upon first arriving (which is a good thing, I suppose). I counted over 50 post links displayed on the front page alone. He links to all of his 39 different social media profiles in the sidebar of individual posts.

Depending on your tastes, you will either love or hate this blog. Yes, it’s constantly updated, user friendly, and very smart, but it seems almost too popular. While Chris seems like a very neat guy, it seems like there is so much material – maybe more than necessary. However, if you can handle lots and lots of content, you’ll love Chris Pirillo.


Chris Pirillo

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