7S7D #6 – Don’t Eat the Fruit

I have a pretty strict rule about not linking to political or religious sites on my blog. This is not because I am not religious, or not political (hmm…) – it simply because I think I can reach a wider audience by talking about good ol’ secular geek stuff.

However, I am linking to this blog, which is written by a Christian to discuss technology and its impact on humanity. Interesting, to say the least. The author, John Dyer, is multi-faceted: not only does he blog, but he codes as well. One of his recent creations is TwitterVoice3D, which displays random tweets in 3D across your screen while reading them out loud.

Another reason I choose to link to this site is because of the superior design. Dyer uses block elements with complementary (but close) colors to present a very clean, organized look. If you’re looking for an easy page to look at, deep thoughts on issues you probably haven’t thought about, and quality, well-thought posts, check out Don’t Eat the Fruit.


Don’t Eat the Fruit

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