7S7D #4 – Blog Design Blog

Much like Desizn Tech, Blog Design Blog is a style blog that posts tips and tricks on designing blogs – redesign, headers, footers, comments, etc.  Just like you wouldn’t want to get a tattoo from someone who doesn’t have a tattoo, or you wouldn’t want to take basketball tips from someone who can’t dribble one-handed, you wouldn’t want to take blog design tips from a blog you can’t stand to look at.  That’s why Blog Design Blog is so great – it’s probably my favorite looking site.

It’s clean, crisp, and well-organized.  It has a catchy header, a clear title, and neatly defined posts, features, navigation, and sidebar.  The colors work well together, and the rollover effects are a nice addition without distracting from the content.  With over 2,500 subscribers, BDB is obviously doing something right.

Be sure to not only check out the site, but also the author’s portfolio, risend.


Blog design Blog

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